Law Marketing that Brings the Clients You Want

Law Marketing that Brings the Clients You Want

Grow and change your law firm with Rise’s expert strategies designed around your unique goals for law marketing

Most lawyers are already quite busy and are looking to change their mix of cases rather than simply to increase new-client numbers. Some desire to attract more cash-pay aesthetic clients or to cultivate a niche practice With deep strategic and creative experience and expertise, Rise helped hundreds of law practices achieve a variety of specific marketing and advertising goals In the World and stand out from the abundant competition in the marketplace.

How to Attract the Law Clients you Want 

In our experience, many law practices are not aware that they have the power to influence their client mix, such as increasing the percentage of aesthetic cases they see. Law marketing and advertising, when done strategically and scientifically, can very effectively draw new clients to your practice and even keep them around for additional services.

Grow your Law practice with RiseMD and improve your practice’s bottom line.

Following a proven scientific approach and leveraging the experience of working with thousands of practices With Rise.  We craft and implement a compelling, effective dermatology advertising and marketing campaign that achieves your unique goals.

Rise provides Law marketing and advertising that meet and exceed your goals.

Our Standards:

Law is, in many marketplaces, a very competitive business. The nature of this competition is as important as the various attributes of your practice. At the same time, Law clients have a diverse need and personal sensibilities and sensitivities. Our job is to help you reach the right clients the right way. This starts with cutting through the clutter, standing out from your competitors and giving them compelling reasons to choose your dermatology practice. Rise marketing strategists will consider all aspects of your practice, including location(s), size, character, approach, and many other individual factors and differentiators in order to develop a custom marketing plan that works. An effective Law marketing and advertising plan could include:

  • Marketing website – optimized for search and to drive client response.
  • New clients.
  • Online Reputation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Law Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design And Brand entity
  • Full-capabilities marketing brochure
  • Pay-per-click online advertising (such as Google AdWords)

Market your law Marketing practice to referrers as well as clients.

Marketing and advertising goals

For healthcare success, Rise knows that delivering REAL results is what matters. Rise helps you market to your audiences effectively, professionally and truthfully, while building priceless relationships with your current and prospective clients. 

Want to learn more about how Rise can grow your practice? Get in touch with us at, and get ready to Rise Above The Rest with Rise!


Marketing for Medical: The Basics

In today’s modern age of medicine, being able to market your practice has become a must if you want your practice to grow your Business Revenue marketing for medical 

The fact is that millions of people are now used to seeking medical information on the web: a 2012 Pew Research Center report states that 70-80% of Internet users said they have gone Marketing for Medical. Other medically-related information within the past year. It’s fair to say that doctors and practices are going to need to get online fast if they want to survive in today’s world of medicine.

Marketing for medical practices can generate tons of online exposure, Help your practice reach the top of Google and other search engines allowing your practice to stand front-and-center among competition!

Which medical marketing techniques actually work?

In all honesty, not all medical marketing agencies are alike some agencies are simply more knowledgeable, trustworthy, experienced, capable and committed than others. Right now, thousands of potential new clients are searching for your services online. If your practice is nowhere to be found, your competitors will win their business every time. Rise MD loves working with growth-minded practices that want to win, and win big, and we have the ability to make it happen.

The new reality of medical care is that all medical practices, big and small are facing the same changes in the industry again, consumer behavior has changed (consumers now being extremely likely to find healthcare providers online) and medical practices are going to have to follow suit in their marketing techniques if they want to grow. As the saying goes, “yesterday’s consumer is not tomorrow’s consumer,” that couldn’t be closer to the truth when it comes to today’s marketing for medical.

If you want your practice to win big, you’re going to need a medical marketing agency that understands and works to master these recent shifts in consumer behavior.

Rise MD strives to (and in certain areas is) leading the industry in every facet of medical marketing:

  • Engaging Social Media and Referral Marketing Medical Marketing.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Blogs & Website
  • Cost-Effective Paid Medical Advertising PPC Campaigns.
  • Mobile Marketing for Dentists and Doctors.
  • Dental Marketing For Dentists and Doctors.
  • Audiology Marketing for Doctors.
  • Plastic Surgery Marketing Services For Doctors.
  • Video Marketing for Medical and Dental Services.
  • Client Reviews And Referrals For all Practice Types.
  • Web Development and Web Design for all Practice Types

Steps in Creating a Leading Medical Marketing Strategy:

  • Building Online Support and Enthusiasm
  • Comparative Analysis
  • Assessment
  • Budget
  • Segmenting your marketing
  • Defining your vision and strategy
  • Measurement and Evaluation
  • Being ready for new challenges
  • Setting advanced Goals
  • Building Your Creativity

Rise MD specializes in digital marketing techniques that actually bring your practice more clients, month after month. We obsess over delivering a measurable, sizable return on investment, making sure that the practices we work with are seeing a steady base of new clients.

Marketing for medical practices is continuously shifting in several areas:

  • Latest medical trends
  • Emerging of medical Social Media Marketing
  • Renewed Focus on Quality
  • Outcomes and Medical prevention

What sets Rise MD apart from the crowd is that we take a unique approach to marketing for medical practices, focusing on creating the perfect amount of engagement with prospective and current clients, and focusing only on services that are proven to grow your practice. Our full-spectrum areas of professional expertise include all facets of Digital Marketing, such as Design and Copywriting, Business Development and Analysis, Podiatry Marketing, Dental Marketing, Audiology Marketing, HIPAA guidelines and compliance, technical consulting and more. We’ve situated all of our resources under one roof to be your ‘one-stop-shop’ for medical marketing, and believe in taking a long-term, relationship-based approach to everything. Your long-term relationship and trust is our highest aspiration!

Learn more about how RiseMD can grow your practice ,Get ready to Rise Above The Rest, with Rise MD!

All The Social Media Platforms your Practice Should Be On

It seems every couple months or so, a new social media platform is born, and penetrates digital marketing. With Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Tumblr all battling for your attention, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with options. Put your efforts into these platforms to reach the most users and best promote your practice within your marketing for medical efforts!


Dental professionals often wonder “exactly which digital marketing platforms should I be posting to?” The answer depends on a few key factors: what’s the tone of the content you’re posting? Is it informative and direct, or a bit silly and fun? How long is the post? What type of media is it (photo v. text v. video)? What type of interaction are you seeking for your online fans?


Deciding where to post is not as difficult as it may seem! It comes down to knowing which platforms are the best for promoting your practice, becoming familiar and comfortable with them, and forming an effective posting routine that best suits you.


Here are the Digital marketing platforms your practice should be on:


It is the largest social media platform in the world, plain and simple, and it’s the platform that your clients are most likely to engage with you on. Facebook is not only a great place to kick off your social media marketing efforts, but it’s also where you’re going to want to put a large portion of your marketing efforts over time, as well.

Facebook is versatile; it’s built for all types of content, whether it be photos, text updates, video, links and so on. On top of Facebook’s cutting-edge paid advertising tools (an incredibly important subject which we’ll address specifically in another post), Facebook is also a very personal and connective social media platform. Facebook makes it easy to reach out to individuals in your area and form meaningful online connections, that can very well result in more clients coming through your door.


Instagram isn’t just for selfies anymore; with half a billion users and counting, Instagram can be used as an effective tool to connect you with potential clients that aren’t regularly on Facebook (i.e. the “younger, hip crowd”). Use this platform for visual storytelling, and really let users get a feeling for the culture and atmosphere that surrounds your practice. Channel your inner photographer and get creative! Instagram Stories and Instagram Live are also great new features you can utilize to reach users; read our blog post about Facebook Live to get a feel for how live video can be utilized!

Twitter and LinkedIn

While Twitter and LinkedIn aren’t the best way to directly connect and engage with online users, it’s good to at least have a complete, professional-looking profile so users can contact you with feedback or questions! Keep in mind, for any and all accounts your practice has, you have to regularly check them for messages, comments and other types of engagement. It’s honestly better to post next to nothing and be incredibly responsive than to look unresponsive.

Your Practice Blog

Rise MD, along with countless dental professionals, believes in the power of blogging. If you haven’t yet set up a practice blog, now’s the time to do it. This is your opportunity to inform, review, or explain important topics and subject matter to your online audience. And don’t worry; blog posts don’t need to be (and probably shouldn’t be) pages and pages long! In most cases, a few, well-written paragraphs will do just fine.

And of course, be sure to link your social media content to new blog posts!

Remember: Consistency is Key

Social media marketing is all about posting regularly, and having some variety in your content, This is also part of digital marketing and of course, don’t be shy! – When users follow a page, they expect to see content from that page regularly. Many dental professionals often struggle with finding great content to post, or struggle to find time to post, period. If you’d like Rise MD to perform an audit of your social media content strategy, and learn how we can improve it using the best, most tested social media marketing techniques out there, get in touch with us at Rise MD.


Hashtags are a remarkable online tool

Hastags used to arrange and deliver content based on certain interests and topics. When used as a pro, hashtags can help your practice’s social media presence skyrocket, while connecting your content with users most likely to engage with it.

Hashtags are absolutely everywhere – from busses, billboards, TV advertisements, and posters in local businesses, it seems the hashtag is an inescapable characteristic of social media. Just what are hashtags, and how can you use them to grow your practice?

The concept of the hashtag might be puzzling for those who didn’t grow up on social media – a hashtag is a word or phrase put in front of a pound sign (#) that is used to categorize and arrange content relating to the same topic or subject. For example, during the last Super Bowl, there was an ocean of online discussion occurring on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Many people included the hashtag #SuperBowl2017 in their posts, meaning that anyone who clicked on that hashtag could then view all of the posts that also included that hashtag, and become part of the discussion! Being able to utilize relevant hashtags is vital to maximizing your reach on social media; follow these guidelines to start hashtagging like an expert:

  • Keep the Format and Social Media Platform in Mind & Marketing For Medical

Hashtags must follow a specific format on all social media platforms; there must be a pound sign (#) followed by letters and numbers with no spaces, no punctuation and no special characters. For Facebook and Twitter, only two or three hashtags are really necessary, whereas Instagram does not penalize posts for having too many. On Instagram, however, be sure to avoid including so many hashtags that your post looks cluttered. *A great tip for Instagram is to only include one or two hashtags when posting and then to go back and add a comment with the appropriate hashtags. Remember – comments with too many hashtags will not be posted on Instagram; you’ll be greeted with a red line of text that reads “Couldn’t post, tap to retry.”  

  • Keep Hashtags Relevant to Your Audience

Put yourself in the shoes of potential clients and others in the online dental community; what hashtags would they realistically search for? These might be as simple as your city name (ex. #SanDiego), or more specific topics such as WisdomTeeth, Cavities or TeethWhitening. A good habit to get into is to search for tags on Instagram and Twitter, and see which ones appear at the top of the list; using these hashtags will give your posts the largest audience possible! *For Instagram, the dental hashtags that constantly appear as the most popular are dental, dentistry, dentist and dental assistant.

  • Contribute to Trending Topics When You Can

Extremely popular (or “trending”) hashtags will appear on the front pages of Twitter and Facebook. Look into these trending topics and see if they relate to your practice; if so, contribute to the conversation! Adding a trending hashtag to a post will heavily inflate that post’s reach, and connect you with far more users. *A good rule of thumb, however, is to always avoid political and controversial subjects (there may be some exceptions, but it’s best to play it safe and avoid these topics altogether).

  • Create a Hashtag for Your Practice

A special hashtag for your practice can add a lot of character and pizazz to your posts, acting almost as a slogan. Brainstorm a hashtag for your practice that either includes or is very similar to the name of your practice (ex. #SunshineDentalDDS) and include this hashtag in your social media posts, emails, and newsletters. Is it also a good idea to create hashtags for certain events or promotions going on at your practice – doing a giveaway? Create a special hashtag for your giveaway posts! *Also, almost all continuing education events your team will attend incorporates a special hashtag for attendees to use. Including event hashtags in your posts will help connect you with other dental professionals online!

Maximize Your Reach with Hashtags

It doesn’t matter which social media platform we’re talking about here; using hashtags often and intelligently will ultimately maximize the reach of your social media content. Well-utilized hashtags not only connect you with more users but also boost your online image as a savvy, up-to-date practice! If you’d like Rise MD to perform an audit of your social media content, and explore how we can potentially make it better, get in touch with us at Rise MD.


Online reviews are vital to the success of your practice. 2017 survey results conclude not only that reviews should be recent and positive, but also that it’s not nearly as hard as you think for your practice to obtain them.

The SEO experts at Bright Local recently published their 2016 Local Consumer Review Survey, shedding more light on how online reviews affect the growth of small businesses. For seven years now, this survey has tracked the exponential rise of the influence of online reviews on a company’s credibility and online reach And it is benfit For Medical Marketing.

As a dentist, not only do you want to get great reviews, but you also must be able to use those reviews to acquire more clients online. Here are a few statistics from BrightLocal’s most recent survey that you should know:

  • 74% of consumers say that positive reviews increase their trust in a business
  • 73% say they think reviews older than three months are no longer relevant
  • 70% of consumers say they will leave a review for a business if asked

What does this mean for you, the dentist? Recent, positive reviews are more crucial and effective than ever, and you need lots of them. On top of that, most of your current clients are willing to write one for your practice.

Observe your practice’s current online reputation; are your Facebook, Google and Yelp business profiles complete and professional? Was the last review posted to each service written in the past 3 months? Is your team setting goals to acquire more client reviews?

Whether your practice’s online reputation is sparkling with the sheen of stellar reviews, or if your practice is getting none at all, a steady supply of recent, positive reviews will allow your practice to stand front-and-center among competition in local searches, and will boost your online reputation and trust, ultimately resulting in more new clients walking through your door.


Here’s how to get more reviews and turn them into one of your practice’s most powerful marketing tools:

*Make It Easy for People to Read and Write Reviews Where They Want

People are likely to use more than one online reviews service in their decision-making process when searching for businesses. Create profiles on the three most popular online reviews services: Facebook, Google My Business and Yelp. Add pictures, your address, hours, and other information that will make it easy for a client to find you and leave a review, or for a potential new client  to learn more and contact you.

Focus on the Clients Most Likely to Give You a Great Review

Don’t hinder your reviews strategy right out of the gate by telling your team “OK guys, let’s get out there and ask for lots of reviews!” Set your team up for success by instead observing the day’s schedule and reviewing who is coming in. Identify one or two of your clients who you know love your practice, and you suspect would be happy to leave you a review. Assign team members to ask those clients for reviews, and have them report back to you on how it went.

Just Ask – and Be Transparent

You know how crucial honest feedback and reviews are for building your practice. Let clients know how much you rely on reviews to improve your service and find more great clients like them. If you’re not asking for reviews, chances are you’ll only get them when a client is unhappy!


Sitting down and forming a reviews strategy is crucial to the growth of any practice, and for good reason – reviews are an effective, direct method of building an online reputation full of trust and respect, and allowing potential new clients to witness that trust and respect firsthand. Want to know if your practice’s online reputation is as great as it can possibly be? Get in touch with us at Rise MD and discover what the best, most cutting edge review management techniques can do for your practice. #RiseAboveTheRest



The most crucial part of an effective digital marketing for medical strategy is the most crucial part of anything else — getting started. Here are simple things you can do today that can get new clients through your door.

Dental professionals are so busy that it’s a miracle they even have time to stop and take a breather.  With so much to do, it’s easy to delay things that might get seen as insignificant next to client care, such as posting to social media and blogging. Although the foundation of a great practice is built on clinical expertise and effective management, a practice thrives on smart online marketing for medical techniques and a rock-solid online presence.  Getting started with your practice’s digital marketing campaign might be easier than you think; the basics only take up about 3 hours of your time per week, and form a beneficial foundation on which your practice can thrive online:

Post a Team Photo on Social Media Marketing for Medical

Have you set up social media accounts for your practice, but just don’t know what to post? Sharing a team photo is a fast, easy way to put content out there that will connect with users and help build your brand. Snap a shot with your phone and tell fans why you love working with the people in your practice! Then, when fans interact and engage with your social media content with likes, comments or shares, it expands the reach and overall effectiveness of your posts.

Ask Clients for Google Reviews

Google reviews are not only highly trusted among consumers, but getting them may be the single most vital thing you can do inside your practice to boost your search engine rankings. In addition, Google Maps factors the number and quality of reviews into search results, helping your practice stand out among local competitors.
See our blog post on the importance of having a reviews strategy!

Verify your Facebook Page and Google Listing

Boost your credibility with potential new clients by verifying your practice’s Facebook page, social media accounts, and search engine business accounts. It only takes a matter of minutes!

Complete your Practice’s Online Profiles

The more practical information you have available on your online profiles, the easier it is for potential new clients to learn more about your practice and contact you. Go through the About pages of your website, blog, Facebook page and Yelp profile, along with any other accounts. Add your address, business hours, phone number and any other information you can, and add team photos wherever you can, which will build rapport and trust with potential new clients before they ever even contact you.

Practice Makes Perfect

Digital marketing is most certainly a skill, and as with all skills, it becomes easier the more you practice it. Sit down, craft a digital marketing plan, and then stick to it. After accomplishing these initial goals, raise the bar and set new goals with your team regarding social media, reviews, and client referrals. If you’d like RiseMD to perform an audit of your current digital marketing strategy, as well as learn how to improve it using the most testing, most effective and cutting-edge methods, get in touch with us at #RiseAboveTheRest



As a Marketing for medical professional, getting great reviews from clients is vital. Presenting those great reviews and making sure prospective new clients see them is also vital – you want new clients to be assured and comforted by word-of-mouth accounts of just how great your practice is. However (and it is a big however), when it comes to sharing reviews and client information online to promote your practice, there are certain guidelines that you must adhere to Marketing For Medical, and be one-hundred-and-ten percent certain your practice doesn’t violate.

HIPAA (the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) is a piece of American legislation that provides data privacy and security provisions for safeguarding medical information. RiseMD has spoken to several top medical lawyers, some charging over $1,000 an hour, to gather the most important details of HIPAA compliance, and to tell you the things HIPAA forbids you from doing with client reviews and medical information.

To adhere to HIPAA, you cannot: Marketing For Medical

       1.Take any existing client lists and upload them anywhere on the internet. Not to Facebook to create a Custom Audience, not to Google, not anywhere online. In fact, you can’t even take client lists out of the office. Client lists and all client-related data must stay secured in your office, and cannot be shared with anyone.

  1. Upload any client lists to any email software. That means Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, Active Campaign, GetResponse and all of the other big email software.

Only HIPAA approved e-mail systems are allowed. You, nor your medical professional, can upload patient information to those email software.

  1. Give client lists to a physical snail mail company to send postcards or physical materials to clients.


  1. Use call tracking software, such as CallRail. Now, this is a bit of a grey area –  you can use this software to record phone calls with individuals who are not yet clients, but the moment they become clients, this could get you in serious trouble, being that you have their information stored online and shared with CallRail. Let me take that back – it’s a very grey area, and every medical lawyer we spoke to advised to avoid doing this completely.


  1. Generate leads with existing clients, meaning Facebook pages or landing pages that collect people’s phones and emails. With the general public, this is totally fine, as long as your practice adheres to general public rules and regulations. However, you run into a huge problem when your leads become clients via your existing clients – that instant, you immediately start violating HIPAA regulations by having their info on the internet either in a funnel such as Unbounce or Clickfunnels or on Facebook. Again, this is a very gray area that is more dark than gray. So, it’s best for medical practices to stay away from opt-in lead generation.

       6. Answer or respond to any Google, Yelp or other online reviews on behalf of the practice. Not even:
“Thank you, for your 5-star rating!” And of course, do not answer or respond to any negative online reviews. 

The above guidelines are not an exhaustive list – there are much more ways a practice can violate HIPAA. Penalties for those violations are severe, for the medical professional AND for the marketer – up to a $250,000 fine for each infringement, and jail time. And yet, violations of HIPAA are too common. The HIPAA agency isn’t even close to the largest government regulatory agency, and they still hire more agents all the time to keep an eye on marketing for medical professionals and marketers.

Don’t put yourself in danger. If you’d like RiseMD to do an audit of your marketing for medical content to make sure it’s HIPAA-compliant.


Fact: over 90% of consumers use search engines and social media to find health care providers and Marketing for medical services. What does this mean for dental practices? It means that your online presence is vital. Improvement in a few key areas will help your practice stand front and center where it matters most, and soar above your online competitors. “Marketing for Medical. That’s all we do.”

The internet allows average people to make smart, effective consumer decisions.

From home repairs to restaurants to healthcare and everything in between, all of the best options in your area are only a few clicks away. It’s important to keep in mind that search results are not simply a list of names – they’re a compilation of team photos, blog posts, social media content, reviews and more marketing For medical. This compilation of details, business culture, and word-of-mouth has an enormous impact on where consumers ultimately decide to go.

As a dental professional, you need to know how your practice’s presence on search engines and social media stacks up against the local competition. So, ask yourself these questions:

  • When someone in your city searches Google or Facebook for “dentists near me,” how high does your practice appear in the results?
  • Does your social media content reflect an active, friendly, and inviting practice?
  • Do your reviews on Google, Facebook and Healthgrades make you stand out as your community’s leading dental practice?
  • Marketing For Medical is dealing with the ethics of marketing medical services by physicians, medical groups, hospitals and other mainstream medical caregivers in the United States.

Ramping up your social media pages, improving online reviews and boosting search engine results is what helps new clients find your practice. However, pinpointing exactly how to achieve this can be a difficult task to take on, as the answer will vary from practice to practice. If you’d like to know how your practice stacks up to local competition online, as well as explore how RiseMD can improve your practice’s online presence using the best, most-tested and cutting-edge digital marketing techniques. 


Facebook is constantly improving it’s Facebook Live feature, making it easier than ever to post effective, meaningful, live video content whenever you want. Here are some ideas for Facebook Live that you can use to promote your practice all Marketing for medical.

Research proves the effectiveness of video content: nearly 80% of all internet traffic consists of video content, and 90% of consumers say a business’s video content has an impact on their decision to purchase.

Video content can be incredibly powerful medium of communication; you can convey emotion, energy and passion that simply can’t be communicated via photos and text. If you’re a medical professional, this means that video content has value to you – the better your online fans feel they know you, the more likely it is they’ll become new clients, or refer family and friends to your practice. With Facebook live and the rapid expansion of smartphone use, creating great video content is easier than ever. Facebook Live is all about having fun, and being spontaneous and being open with your online fanbase. It all starts by tapping the “Live” button by your status box . It Is best apart to to marketing for medical health business

Tour Your Practice

Many dental practices bank on this one for great live video content; introduce some of the team members that are there that day, display the special or unique technological features of your practice, and make it clear how your practice delivers a client experience unlike any other.

Dentistry and Oral Health Q&A

Ask your clients and online fanbase what questions they have about dentistry and oral health, both online and in-practice. A week later, post a live “Ask the Doctor”- type video answering those questions. This provides oodles of value and knowledge to your online fanbase!

Dental Care Technique Overview

Everyone could use a little reminder on how to properly care for their teeth; post a quick, 5 or 10 minute video overview of a certain dental care technique, such as how to best floss with braces or how to really get the back of your mouth when brushing. Not only are you providing useful information to your fanbase, but you’re also communicating your practice’s passion and true care for your clients’ health and well-being.

Demonstrate a New or Interesting Product

Social media marketing is not, and shouldn’t be about sales, but use this Facebook Live opportunity to display a new, interesting or unique product that will improve your client’s health or client experience. Go ahead and show off that new whitening product, or your practice’s newest piece of equipment that displays just how advanced and cutting-edge your practice is to promote business for all the marketing for medical!

Announce an Exclusive Special Offer For Medical Marketing

Reward those who keep in touch and interact with you online by offering a discount or special prize for mentioning or sharing your video content!

Team member birthdays, holidays and conferences are also perfect opportunities for a quick Facebook Live broadcast. As an added benefit, any Facebook Live broadcast gets added to your page as a video post, so anyone who missed your live broadcast can still be part of the action!


It doesn’t matter how funny, cute, relevant or overall engaging your practice’s social media posts are if nobody sees them; if your content goes unseen, it’s worthless. In the modern realm of social media marketing For LAW, investing small in promoting your social media content is becoming a better and better idea; the sooner you embrace this idea (which becomes truer every day), the sooner potential clients can start engaging with your content.

Until about 2014 if you posted to your practice’s Facebook fan page, you could expect 40-50% of those who had liked your page to see your new content. This is called the post’s “reach.” You might have noticed over the past few years, however, a decline in how many people your posts have been reaching. You can rest assured that this is not because of you or the content you’ve been posting, but rather a result of Facebook’s new algorithms (along with all other social media platforms) that sort through and arrange the content users will see, based on the content they’ve previously engaged with all marketing For LAW.

Currently, your posts reach users in one of two ways: paid reach allows you to invest in the promotion of your content, which boosts the visibility of your content among user audiences that you determine. Content can also reach users via organic reach, which refers to how many users a post reaches without any money invested in its promotion. Organic reach, however, is now lower than it’s ever been – according to the top social media marketers in the world, unprompted posts tend to reach roughly 1% of their audience, depending on various factors. If you’re trying to grow your practice through social media marketing, this is an incredibly pertinent piece of info to keep in mind. A social media presence must be grown through engagement, meaning the liking, favoriting, sharing, reacting and commenting that occurs when users come across your posts. And of course, engagement cannot come before reach; if no one sees your content in the first place, engagement with your content is impossible. Creating a wider audience for your posts expands the spiderweb of engagement and priceless, person-to-person interaction that you need to grow your practice with social media marketing.  


Growing a legal practice with social media is a two-pronged fork – you need engaging, share-worthy content, as well as a solid plan to promote that content. Raise your marketing strategy into the new, pay-to-play era of social media, and take advantage of the online engagement marketing For Law, interaction, and connectivity with potential new clients that traditional marketing methods simply can’t deliver. If you’d like Rise ESQ to perform an audit of your practice’s social media content and marketing strategy, and explore how we can make it better, visit us online at #RiseAboveTheRest