The effectiveness of your practice’s social media marketing campaign isn’t entirely digital and excellent marketing for medical. Your social media content should reflect what happens in your practice: face-to-face interactions that build relationships with clients and team members.

At Rise MD, Social Marketing For Medical, we understand that many people are concerned about current obsessions with social media marketing; it seems every other day, the line “Everyone just stares at their phones nowadays!” can be heard. It seems that some are afraid that our fascination with Likes, re tweets and shares is preventing people from having meaningful, authentic and interactions with one another. However, here’s the reality – social media is not going away anytime soon. Rise MD believes that with the right mindset and strategy, you can use social media marketing as a central tool to strengthen relationships, build your brand, and turn clients into advocates for your practice. 

Marketing for Medical Is Your Practice for Your Foundation 

Your practice has a daily flow to it; it has its own culture and its own brand. That culture is derived from what goes on in your practice on a day-to-day basis, and by presenting the benefits of your practice’s culture via social media, a true brand emerges. Recent holiday celebrations, fun team-building activities, congratulating a client on a life achievement and recent giveaways all come together to form this. Is something exciting going on in your practice? Snap a photo for Facebook and Instagram, or shoot out a Tweet and let the online community know!


In-practice participation from team members and clients is key to effective social media marketing. Here’s how to get them involved:

Involving Team Members

  • Remember to tag team members in practice posts. On Facebook, whoever posts something can tag team members if they are personal friends with them. This will get your posts seen by more users, and ultimately expand your on line reach.
  • Encourage team members to occasionally share practice posts on their own personal accounts. Build a practice culture that makes team members proud to share about where they work and what they do.
  • Train your team to ask for online reviews. Read our blog post on why obtaining reviews is one of the most important parts of your online presence!

Involving Clients

  • First of all, give clients a reason to participate. Invite clients to snap and share a photo to raise awareness for a cause, win prizes or commit to better oral health.
  • Encourage clients to share your posts on their own accounts and tag your practice. This way, the client’s friends and family who trust their recommendations will see your posts.
  • Remember when sharing client photos to stay HIPAA-compliant; read our blog post on the importance of HIPAA-compliance!

Exceptional Social Media Marketing For Medical Presence Reflects an Exceptional Practice

The very essence of effective social media marketing starts with how you interact with your team and clients in your practice; your social media content should be an extension of your practice’s culture and brand for all the Marketing For Medical. Getting team members and clients involved with social media will ultimately grow your social media presence, along with the success of your practice.


If you’d like Rise MD Marketing for Medical is to perform an audit of your practice’s social media strategy, and learn how it can be improved using the best and most tested social media marketing techniques out there, get in touch with us at Rise MD.


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